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The “prove the price” program can be Requested

 Before you sign up for service.


Downtown Pools has recognized an ongoing problem in the swimming pool service industry. As the price of good EXPERIENCED service technicians increases and the price of materials required to service a pool increases, the monthly cost stays the same. So what do most  businesses do? They hire INEXPERIENCED, UNINSURED, And UNLICENCED service techs with a high turnover rate, supplies and materials are used sparingly to meet bare minimum requirements, which leads to more equipment repairs because of chemically unbalanced  pool water.(i.e. heaters ,pump seals ,staining) The end result; green unusable pool with an extremely unhappy and dissatisfied customer. Downtown Pools does NOT follow this business practice.

Downtown Pools will never sacrifice the quality of service our customers receive nor the amount of supplies and materials used to ensure a perfectly balanced pool. We believe in longevity, loyalty, and getting what you pay for.

Downtown Pools has an offer to a solution in solving the issues with price and service. We are so confident that the price we quote you is honest and fair; we are offering this special to you. Downtown Pools will service your pool for the same price as your last service contract for one month…give us a 30 DAY trial and discover the difference.

This price will not change during the one month trial period. We are not requiring a contract so you are free to cancel at any time with no penalty fees. Once we show our commitment, dedication, knowledge, and experience to you; we are confident you will continue as part of the Downtown Pools family at our very reasonable service price.