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Saline/Salt Questions

How much salt does the system require?
Most salt systems works best with approximately 3200 ppm salt, which is roughly the equivalent to a teaspoon per gallon. However, they should will operate with salt levels anywhere from 2700 ppm to 3400 ppm.


Will the water taste salty?
Generally you should not be able to taste any salt in the pool because the level of salt in the water is so low, however some people with sensitive palates might detect a small amount of salt. Some people have described the taste as that of a tear.

Why use a salt system over traditional chlorine?
Traditional chlorine ties up with wastes in the water creating what are called chloramines. A salt system continuously oxidizes the chloramines and creates "Free Chlorine". Chloramines are what cause common side affects associated with chlorine such as irritation to eyes and skin, bleaching of bathing suits, and that awful chlorine smell. Furthermore you will no longer have to buy, mix or store chlorine, which saves time, money and keeps you from direct contact with a potentially harmful chemical.

Will a salt system work with my existing pool?
A salt chlorinator will work with any existing pool up to 40,000 gallons. It is compatible with all pool finishes--vinyl, plaster, fiberglass or pebble. Please consult with a pool professional on your specific needs.

Will A salt chlorinator work on a portable spa?
The A salt chlorinator is specifically designed for use with in-ground pools, and will not work with portable spas or hot tubs due to its high output. We are currently in the process of designing such a system so please check back periodically.

What kind of maintenance do I have to do with this system?
Continue to test the chlorine level of the pool on a weekly basis. Adjust the output of the chlorinator to adjust more or less chlorine. If there has been a large number of swimmers in the pool or the pool water is cloudy, you can put the Aqua Rite® chlorinator into "Super Chlorinate" mode where it will automatically generate the maximum amount of chlorine for 24 hours. The Turbo Cell should be inspected and cleaned if necessary every three months or when starting up the system.

What kind of salt do I use and where can I get it?
Salt is now available at many pool stores. It is the same salt commonly found at home improvement centers nationwide for use with home water conditioners. how to add salt to the pool
Never add salt in the pool's skimmer--you can damage the pump impeller. Dump the bag of salt directly into the pool. If you are adding multiple bags, move over a few feet each time you dump an additional bag. Make sure that the filter pump is running and that the pump is drawing water from the main drain. Since salt water is heavier than fresh water, it will tend to concentrate in the deepest part of the pool until the salt get s evenly distributed by the pool filtration system. Brush the piles of salt around to speed up the dissolving process which , in any case, should not take longer than 45-60 minutes.

Salt Display?
The salt display is updated once every 100 minutes and responds slowly to rapid changes in salt level. Because of this and the time it takes for the salt to be evenly distributed in the pool it may take up to 24 hours before the salt display on the chlorinator is correct. Be patient and do not over-react by adding too much salt

How do I figure out how many gallons of water are in my pool?
Pools very in size and shape. Here are a few helpful equations that give you the approximate gallons of water in your pool.