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Thanks for visiting your neighbor today!

Our goal, to you, our loyal customer is to build a relaxing oasis in the city that will rest your soul and relax your mind in your very own backyard sanctuary away from the bustle of everyday life. Let us try our magic on your life today.


WHO is Downtown Pools?
Watch this short video of who we are now.

 FUN for all kids in pools or tub @ only $6.50


There will be some changes to our store ...

Over the next three months we are going to be redesigning some areas of our store as well as new flooring and air filtering systems.  You our loyal customers have been with us through many changes over the years and we thank you for that.  However, the changes going on during the next three months are the most exciting in our history at this location.  So again sorry for any mess or inconvenience we might cause you in this short future renovation of our store and design center.


Downtown BBQs

We will be selling Full BBQ systems, Grilling centers,Grilldomes,Spices from all over the country,Wood types for smoking,and even specialty signage and backyard decor.  


At Downtown Pools, there isn't a problem or question we haven't heard!

We ARE pool experts! All the people you talk to here have had a many years in the industry and can solve your problems the first time. We won't waste your time or money on parts or services that won't work.

If you need it, we have it! and if we do not have it here we have a service network worldwide to get it in weeks or even days from anywhere worldwide.

We are the most competitive pool store in Fort Lauderdale.

Your pool is meant to be enjoyed, not become a headache or an extra chore.
Whether it be pool supplies, chemicals, parts or pool equipment, Downtown Pools is here to help you make it right for the summer or even just a special event!

We promise to have the most cost effective solution for you.


A word from the owners.

At Downtown Pools the customer is most important to us. We feel if you take care of the customer’s needs we will stand above the other companies that are out there.  If you buy a cleaner and it just does not work, or after multiple trips to the store the pool just won't clear, How many companies would do a free pool inspection to find the problem?
I will answer that I only know of one, Downtown Pools where the customer is most important. This company will never leave you wondering what to do next,
Unlike the major chain stores with only an employee, we have a family. You're our neighbor so come ask a question and we will answer it like a friend





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